Coworking 101: What is it and How Coworking Spaces Work?

Coworking is a business service model wherein people share an office space to work independently or collaboratively. This work setting is not at all new; in fact it has been around in the business world for many years. It is only recently when it gained popularity due to the growing demand for flexible working environments and the increasing number of mobile and independent workers. Coworking facilities today are often used by self-employed individuals,telecommuters,and freelance professionals. From the looks of it,this concept is here to stay.

Coworking spaces are typically furnished with the same office equipment as well as working and meeting rooms. Some businesses send their teams to such facilities so they can use the space,equipment,and services that could have been otherwise costlier. Common features of a coworking space include 24/7 access to the facility,conference or meeting rooms,lounge,kitchen,bathrooms,Wi-Fi connection,printers and photocopying machines,etc.

These facilities are not only open for independent workers,small companies,and startups. They are also available for big companies who cannot accommodate their growing number of employees.

Coworking spaces work in different ways. Some of them are managed cooperatively like non-profit organizations. In this setup,the fees required are only enough to keep the operations alive. Other facilities implement a flat-rate membership and set fees that depend on whether it is a single visit or a particular number of use per week or month.

Coworking as a concept helped many businesses to become more flexible and smarter when it comes to their real estate needs. As for individual workers,these facilities help them enjoy the comforts and amenities of an office while being part of a community of workers. From hot desk coworking spaces to bigger coworking facilities,professionals and businesses have a lot of options to save on money.

The future of business lies in flexible work environments and smarter workers. And coworking is probably one of the best solutions to help professionals and businesses achieve their goals.

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