How Do You Print A Rub On Transfer Lettering

How Do You Print a Rub on Transfer Lettering

You have your old classic vintage color photos and you want to bring them up to the current “in style” with a modern twist of your very own. The best way to accomplish this goal is by learning how to do some basic transfers of classic images onto heavy cardstock using color transfer paper. You can do this with your own photographs, scanned items or you can use the pre-made transfers that are available from many online stores. In either case, learning how to do rub on transfer lettering will enable you to make your own unique designs that will not only look great, but also increase the value (and market) of your collectibles.

How do you print a rub on transfer lettering


One great way to use color transfer paper for vintage and old photos is to do a photo patch. You simply need to take several color photos, preferably with good lighting, a piece of cardstock and a color printer. Next, you simply patch the picture on to the front of the cardstock.

Method Of Applying Rub on Transfer Lettering

If you have a vintage calendar or other vintage collectible item, you could create an oversized calendar cover for it. Print the vintage cover on colored paper and then use vintage stamps that have been redone to add the decades of time in the calendar’s title. Paste these onto magnet paper and use them for all the annual events you wish to commemorate. These will be particularly effective for Christmas, anniversaries and other special occasions. If you can find a vintage Christmas stamp that is available for sale in your collection, try that route as well.

Next, if you wish to add vintage images to your scrapbooks, consider making rub on transfer lettering or other items for your own benefit. Scrapbook page layouts today are designed to be long lasting and allow you to keep your memories for a very long time. As such, you can enjoy the process of creating a new page design for each year. You can also look at older pictures in order to locate certain items that may otherwise not be found in a scrapbook. For the quality rub on transfer lettering prints visit the best printing service in Los Angeles.

If you are interested in vintage items and would like to make a good profit from doing so, you might consider reselling some of your creations. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you can make custom invitation letters by using clip art from various websites. You can also design and print unique greeting cards for a fee. Once you have these items, consider putting them up for sale on eBay or similar websites.

What Printers Are Used To Create Rub On Transfer Letters

If you have old-timey typefaces on your computer, consider scanning them into your computer for presentation purposes. You can then print a copy for your friends and family to sign and mail out. Many businesses now have an online copy center where they take your scanned lettering files and make them available for sale. This is a great option for preserving your family’s history as well as generating revenue for your business.

Of course, if you are interested in using vintage scrapbook page layouts to create keepsakes for your own use, you can use the Internet as well. There are a number of sites that allow you to download free templates for use in your scrapbook page layouts, and then you can make your own personalized lettering using these templates. Many scrapbook enthusiasts make these types of creations for their personal collections, but there are also commercially produced templates available if you need something more specific.

If you want a more specific product, you can find manufacturers that offer custom-made products. These companies usually work with scrapbook page layout companies in order to create the perfect product for your needs. They can work with you to design a scrapbook page that incorporates your wedding theme or reflects your interests. You can even request that special colors are used so that your keepsakes stand out among your other wedding keepsakes.